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Who are we?

I am Oliver Gould, a System Administrator and student at Stevens Institute of Techmology in Hoboken, NJ. Google is giving me a Summer of Code grant to port ZFS to NetBSD during the summer of 2007.

Dieter Baron will be mentoring me through this project with Jason Thorpe, Matthias Scheler, Brett Lymn, and, of course, the NetBSD, FreeBSD, and OpenSolaris communities.

What is it?

Sun Microsystem's Zettabyte Filesystem (ZFS), since Nov 2005, has proven to be a major breakthrough in filesystem technology, supporting features such as disk pools, snapshots, 'unlimited' scalability, and various other performance improvements over prior art. Such advancements will make ZFS a major force in industry in coming years.

A BSD-licensed implementation of ZFS is utterly impractical within the constraints of Google's Summer of Code (SoC). However, porting the CDDL'd ZFS implementation present in OpenSolaris is feasible. In particular, Pawel Jakub Dawidek has been able to port a significant portion of ZFS to FreeBSD. His work provides a good basis for porting ZFS to NetBSD.

Furthermore, OpenSolaris has published a high-level roadmap for porting ZFS to other platforms. This outlines a path for success, which I shall follow.


Current Status: Preparation

See my blog for more information.

Project Milestones


The primary objectives of this project are:

Secondary objectives include:


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