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NetBSD-SoC: The NetBSD ZFS port

What is it?

ZFS is well known file system developed by Sun corp. for Solaris operating system. It's source code was released under the CDDL license. ZFS currently was ported to several other operating systems like Mac OS X and FreeBSD.

ZFS port to NetBSD was started in Summer of code 2007 by Oliver Cloud. Later Andrew Doran(my mentor in this project) worked on zfs port and released several versions of his work Partial zfs port.

Nice description about is written in ZFS presentation at ZFS last word in file systems.


I will try to keep community informed by status mails sent to the NetBSD project mailing lists. During my work, when I reach some milestone I will sent several mails to tech-kern mailing list.


Mandatory (must-have) components:

Optional (would-be-nice) components:


ZFS source code is described on opensolaris site.

  1. ZFS Source code tour
  2. ZFS Porting to different architectures
  3. ZFS Administration guide
  4. ZFS on disk format

Technical Details

The ZFS file system contains two major modules ZVOL and ZPL.

The ZVOL is Logical Volume Manager module of the ZFS. It creates/manages Logical disk drives created from pools of disk space called ZPOOLS.

The ZPL is file system layer used for creating ZFS file system on a ZVOL volume.

ZFS source code tour

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