ZEROCONFD(1)               NetBSD General Commands Manual           ZEROCONFD(1)


     zeroconfd - daemon for autoconfiguration of IPv4 link-local addresses


     zeroconfd [-dhv]


     The daemon tries to configurate one or more network interfaces with a
     link-local address, according to the Zeroconf project.

     On startup,it reads the interfaces to run on in the file
     /etc/zeroconfd.conf. The names of the interfaces are simply listed one
     for line in this file.  It chooses a random address in the class
     169.254/24 for each interface and then brodcasts some ARP requests to
     verify that no other host with the same address is attached to the net.
     Then it announces his address with some gratuitous ARP response. It keeps
     listening on the interface, in order to indentify conflicts with other
     hosts, and to defend his address.

     It saves the address successfully configurated in a file and when started
     tries to configure each interface with the previous address configured.
     The receiving of a SIGHUP causes the daemon to reread his configuration
     file, and eventually to start configuring a new interface.

     In normal operation, it forks and run as a daemon.  Errors are reported
     via syslog(3).

     The daemon is run by dhclient-script when it does not succeed in finding
     a dhcp server and in obtaining a lease.


     -d              Run in debug mode.  Don't fork, write error and debug
                     messages to stderr.

     -h              Print help information.

     -v              Show version.




     bpf(4) netintro(4) dhclient(8) dhclient-script(8)

     Chechire S., Aboba B., and Guttman E., Dynamic Configuration of IPv4
     Link-Local Addresses, RFC 3297.


     Silvio Valenti <>

NetBSD 2.0                       July 15, 2005                      NetBSD 2.0

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