RESPONDERD(1)              NetBSD General Commmands Manual          REPONDERD(1)


	responderd - a Multicast DNS responder and querier


	responderd [-dhv] [-f conffile] [interfaces ...]


     The daemon is a multicast DNS responder and querier, accordind to zero-
     confd draft. It answer to other hosts queries and send query for the pro-
     cesses running on this host.

     On startup it reads the records it must answer from the file
     /etc/responder.conf. Then it start listening on every interface of the
     host. It listen to ipv4 address and to ipv6 address ff02::fb
     on port 5353.

     Besides the records listed in the configuration file, it creates a record
     for the addresses of every interface it in running on with the name
     hostname.local. Since these should be unique records it probes for them.
     If there is a conflicts the name is changed in hostname-n.local, where n
     in a number that is incremented every conflict.

     The daemon also listens to local socket /tmp/responderd. Clients whishing
     to make multicast dns queries or to register new records should use
     libmdns(3) to talk to the daemon through this socket.

     The daemon also keeps a cache of records it learns from its own query and
     by listening to other hosts queries and responses.

     Only one instance of responderd is needed on one host. After being
     launched the daemon forks and runs in background. Errors are reported via


     -d              Run in debug mode.  Don't fork, write errors and debug
                     mesages to stderr.

     -h              Print help information.

     -v              Show versions.

     -f conffile     Reads configuration from conffile

     interfaces      Run only on interfaces.


     ip(4) ip6(4) netintro(4) libmdns(3) libnss_mdns(3) zeroconfd(1)

     Cheshire S.  and Krochmal M., Multicast DNS, draft-cheshire-dnsext-


     Silvio Valenti <>

NetBSD 2.0                      August 31, 2005                     NetBSD 2.0

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