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NetBSD-SoC: Running Kernel File Systems in Userspace

What is it?

The main goal of the project is be able to compile the same file system code for running both in userspace and the kernel. This will provide several benefits:

A similar idea is running the entire operating system as a process. While it would address the tool-portion of the benefits, it would not address any other points.


Mandatory (must-have) components:

FFS code runnable both in userspace and the kernel + the necessary infrastructure to go with that. Notably, this might not be the same ffs code currently present in the NetBSD kernel. Also as notable, the user- and kernel versions will may (will?) require to be compiled separately. On the never ending list of notables, the NetBSD kernel might not be the one from cvs.


Technical Details

See journal below. Reading it probably requires a fairly good understanding on file systems and virtual memory.

Status and Development Journal

August 5th, 2007

The code has been integrated into NetBSD and is being developed there from now on. You can find it here.

Look here for more verbose chattiness on what went on during development.

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