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NetBSD-SoC: Implementing the algorithms described in RFC 6056 in NetBSD

What is it?

The RFC 6056 describes a number of port randomization algorithms used
in avoiding a number of attacks that rely on guessing the sequence of
ports selected for consecutive connections. We implement these
algorithms in NetBSD trying to modify as little as possible the
network stack.


I implemented: TODO:


Kernel code in netinet and netinet6 that implements RFC6056's port

Mandatory (must-have) components:

Optional (would-be-nice) components:


We provided a manpage rfc6056(7) and added relevant information to sysctl(7)

Technical Details

New interfaces created:


Socket Options:

Manpages: rfc6056(7) sysctl(7) . Must decide where to document the new socket option.

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Vlad Balan <$student_email>
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