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NetBSD-SoC: PXE Bulk Install

What is it?

The PXE Bulk Install system will allow a relatively inexperienced user of NetBSD to set up a mass install of NetBSD onto many machines over a network. The system will be highly configurable with respect to distribution, packages installed, and configuration files modified during the installation. The user will be able to group machines into configuration "classes" that will install different configurations onto different computers during one mass install.

For the complete proposal, please visit http://maxhart.thruhere.net/pxebulk/proposal.html


The blog for the progress of this project is updated semidaily. It is located here.


Mandatory components:

Optional components:


The documentation of this system has yet to be written. Very little documentation exists as of this date.

Technical Details

This system will use DHCP (NetBSD Howto | Specification), TFTP (NetBSD Howto | Specification), and NFS (NetBSD Howto | Specification) interfaces to accomplish its goals.

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