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The NetBSD operating system runs on a large variety of computer platforms. One of the platforms on which it will not run, however, is Apple's line of PowerPC G5-based computers: The PowerMac G5, iMac G5, and Xserve. These computers differ from previous Macintoshes in two significant ways: The processor is 64 bits, and the system architecture has been redesigned around the HyperTransport bus. Also, more recent models abandon parallel ATA in favor of serial ATA, for which a new onboard controller has been added. At the time this project was proposed, NetBSD had no support for any of these things, so my goal was to add it.

Soon after the project was accepted, however, there was an announcement made by Sanjay Lal that he had already added minimal support for the Power Mac G5, with which it is possible to netboot a PowerMac G5 in single-user mode and output to a serial console. After discussing this with my mentors, we decided that the underlying purpose of this project was to make NetBSD more usable for people with Macs, and this would benefit most by collaborating with Sanjay to extend his work and add full, production-level support for the G5. This is comprised of an assortment of smaller sub-projects, which are detailed below in the list of formal deliverables.

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