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NetBSD-SoC: Hardware monitoring and HAL port

What is it?

Almost all operating systems provide a way to notify userland of hardware changes. E.g. a new USB device was connected, a CD-ROM was inserted in a drive, a PCI Express card has been removed, etc.

Unfortunately, there is no such functionality in NetBSD, which means that it is not really usable on systems where automation on hardware changes is desired. The most obvious example are desktop systems where one wants hardware to be managed transparently.

This project aims to bring NetBSD in sync with other operating systems by implementing kernel event notification framework and a userland deamon to observe events and dispatch actions as configured. Events originate in the kernel (individual devices, autoconf(9) framework) and flow towards userland via a character device interface.

NetBSD port of Freedesktop's HAL package will be created and provided in Pkgsrc, resulting in better integration between the base system and existing desktop environments -- KDE and GNOME are already available to NetBSD users. Kernel part of the project includes enhancements to the autoconf(9) machinery that are believed to be beneficial for other uses as well.



Ok, I've been somewhat greedy about public relations up till now, based on the sentiment "don't waste time with documentation and better get stuff to work first". Now that midterm has come, the pressure has diminished, and I need to say *something* in order to pass the evaluation anyway :-). So here goes; comments appreciated (see bottom of this page for my email address).

Converted enough drivers to plist locators so that GENERIC/i386 (except for options LKM, USERCONF) builds and works without any apparent lossage. In more detail, the changes are:



other stuff

And the code itself. Not suitable for public consuption yet, placed here primarily for my mentor's eyes:

Official dates


[What exactly is intended to be provide by the project. This list will be used to judge success of the project!]

Mandatory (must-have) components:

Optional (would-be-nice) components:


cfdata dictionary layout

Technical Details

Status reports above hopefully provide enough details for now. As soon as things stabilise, manual pages should appear here.

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