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NetBSD-SoC: Convert regression tests to ATF

Integration status

The atfify project is currently being merged into the NetBSD source tree. Here is the list of the stuff that has already been imported:

What is it?

The Automatic Testing Framework (ATF) was created during last year's Google Summer of Code to simplify managing and executing multiple test suites in NetBSD code repository. It's very well designed and it's vastly superior to the previous way of handling tests. Unfortunately, very few test suites have been actually converted from the old framework to ATF so far. The goal of this project is to manually review and convert the remaining ones and to improve ATF itself to make creating new test suites more straightforward. For the end of summer, I'm going to deliver:




Here I will place information about fetching, building and running converted test suites with my modified branch of ATF. Right now, few links:

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Lukasz Strzygowski <qx89l4@gmail.com>
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